Irrigation Maintenance

Earthcare Management has 3 full time licensed irrigators on staff.  All of our irrigation is done 100% in house under our 3 licensed irrigators. Our irrigation crews can do full irrigation audits of your community, back flow testing within your community, retrofitting smart controllers to existing systems, and provide you with a controller map of your community.  Our irrigation crews are fully equipped to make irrigation repairs while onsite at your community, run test to ensure optimal water usage, and do 2 wire trouble shooting.  Our irrigation department is also able to provide your community with drainage estimates as well as installation of drainage. 

irrigation maintenance

Chemical Maintenance

Earthcare Management has 2 full time licensed chemical applicators on staff.  All of the chemical applicants are done 100% in house under our 2 licensed chemical applicators.  Our chemical crews handle all of the turf and bed fertilizations of your community, turf and bed weed applications of your community and all of the insect and disease control of your community.  Our chemical crews also are able to do soil testing within your community and make soil amendments to optimize the benefits of each chemical application based off the testing. 

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